IMADA manual test frames

The SV-1 is designed for compression testing only. Simple and rapid single lever use allows efficient high volume testing.

Fine pitched hand wheel giving 1.2mm of movement per revolution allowing fine positioning accuracy.


Wire Harness Pull Tester

The LH-50 is a lever operated tension only tester. The test stand is supplied with a range of fixtures to allow pull force testing of many types of crimped and soldered terminals. Please note the force gauge must be ordered separately.


Manual Hand Wheel Operated Test Stand

Horizontally mounted test stand giving ease of use when loading and testing samples.


Manual Test Stand


Manual Hand Wheel Operated Test Stand


Manual Lever Operated Test Stand


Manual Hand Wheel Operated Test Stand

* All the force gauges shown fitted to the test stands on this page are sold separately.

Unless stated otherwise all the following manual test stands may be used for tension or compression testing when fitted with either Digital or Mechanical bi-directional force gauges shown in this brochure.

Quick and easy to operate, capable of precision measurement. Compact size allows for ease of potability.

Tension and compression testing to 500N. The test stand also features an adjustable mechanical stop.